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Why should I use Central Signing Service?
Central Signing Service offers a quick, timely and efficient service for you and your customers. When they can’t come to you, let us travel to your customers and assist them to ensure a smooth signing.

What sets Central Signing Service apart from other signing services?
We are fully staffed with friendly and experienced Appointment Specialists that match your customer with the appropriate Signing Agent.  We are your partner in the signing industry and perform our job with pride.

Which areas do you service?
Whether your customer needs to sign in their home, while traveling for work or vacationing for fun we can service your signing needs in all 50 states Nationwide.

What is the benefit of using Central Signing Service vs. direct notaries?
One phone number is all you need.  We interview and carefully select our Signing Agents for you and take care of all state required reporting. This saves time for you and your company to focus on other tasks.

What are your office hours?
Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM PST*
*Subject to change without notice

Do you have after hours support?
Our management is on call 24 hours to assist Signing Agents with questions or problems that may arise during your signings, allowing us to ease fears of the customers, guide them to answers, or refer your customers back to you and their Loan Officer when necessary.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
Always contact our main office at 925-680-1073 and any of our associates will be available to assist you or visit our Contact Us page for more specific names and extentions.

How do you recruit your Signing Agents?
Signing Agents are selected with various backgrounds such as Escrow, Real Estate, Legal and Financial. They must meet our strict requirements prior to working with Central Signing Service.

Do the Signing Agents explain the documents?
Signing Agents will review each of the documents with the customer, guiding them to the answers of their questions as they arise.

Do you have bilingual Signing Agents?
In most major metropolitan areas, we have bilingual Signing Agents available to assist your customers when needed.

Can your Signing Agents receive emailed or download documents?
Through our large network, we are able to receive your documents in just about any fashion you require. Documents received by email or downloaded will be subject to an additional fee as stated in our schedule.

Do you carry liability insurance for your Signing Agents?
Yes we do! In addition to our business insurance, Central Signing Service has $1,000,000.00 in Professional Liability Insurance for our specified profession which covers our employees and independent contractors utilized for your accommodation signings.

Do you charge if the escrow cancels or customer refuses to sign documents?
Yes, if a trip has been made to the customer a reduced fee is due.